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Top 10 Tips To Grow Your Email Marketing List

Posted on 25 Oct, 2019
Top 10 Tips To Grow Your Email Marketing List

Are you an email marketer? If yes, how smart is your e-marketing strategy? Are you a smart email marketer?

You are probably curious to know what is “smart” in an e-marketing strategy. It is simple! Smart marketers understand that email lists naturally decline by about 22% annually. So, smart email marketing professionals devise more ways to entice their customers and other website visitors to join their email list so as to make-up for the lost subscribers.

Shhh! Below are some of their secret strategies to grow their email list…

  • They Create Gated Content

This is content on a smart email marketer’s website which can only be accessed by a user or visitor when they have entered their email address.

  • They Write Guest Posts

Writing guest post doesn’t only help in advertising a smart email marketer but it also helps to bring their content to their target audience when they visit another blog. The sum result of these is an increase in their fan-base (email list as well) both at their immediate platform and on other platforms.

  • They Participate in Groups such as LinkedIn

Gradual involvement in groups such as LinkedIn helps to showcase smart email marketing pro’s as experts. As time goes on (after they have gained the needed attention), they can then post links that will refer users to their opt-in landing page for more information.

  • They Create Previews for Newsletters

Giving a potential audience a glimpse of what information, they stand to get when they provide their contact information is also another avenue through which smart email marketers build their email list. Once, a user finds such information to be very useful, they can easily throw their contact details at them. After all what is my loss for letting my contact info out – that’s what they will think as they drop off their contact information.

  • They Give Answers to Questions in Facebook Groups

Once they have factual answers to users’ questions, they can simply ask users to inbox them for such answers if they are interested. Better still, smart email marketers can post a link to their opt-in landing page there, but this is after getting permission from the group admin.

  • They Host Gift Promos

Virtually everyone loves to receive a free gift. So, to get such gifts just from a competition that demands only their contact information or that of their friends wouldn’t take time. This is another effective strategy used by smart email marketing pro’s to have different email contacts details trickle into their email list.

  • They Create Quizzes

Results to such quizzes can only be seen or downloaded by participants after they have input their email address. It’s a very simple way to gather contact information and a bit of insight to what their personalities may be.

  • They Engage in a Mutual Joint Partnership

A joint partnership method of increasing fan-base is a mutual strategy whereby email marketers – oh sorry, smart email marketers employ in advertising each other to their own audience. Through a joint partnership, these smart email marketing pro’s assume the function of a sign-post that directs their visitors to other blogs and websites for more information. Once visitors follow this direction and eventually enjoy the content of the other website, they need to leave their contact information there only if they’ll get what they went there for.

  • They Give Answers to Questions on Quora

Especially for questions related to their lead magnet, smart email marketers can add a link to their opt-in landing page for more information or reference.

  • They Reward Subscribers for Referrals

A small gift shows appreciation to subscribers who refer friends. This can go a lot further than you may imagine. Visitors refer more friends because they know what they’ll gain from simply entering their friend’s email addresses.

Still waiting?

Simply follow these few guidelines and you’ll sure transform from just an email marketer to a smart email marketer. However, admittedly these guidelines aren’t easy. But your efforts will be rewarded as your email list numbers increase exponentially. It really is worth more than the hassle.

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