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Google Shopping Ads Management Services

Skyrocket Your Sales With Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads have become a more productive and profitable way of advertising for ecommerce websites than traditional PPC Google text ads. As they show product photos and user-friendly filters, they lure buyers to this section of google results. Google Shopping Ads have transformed the way of reaching out to customers ready to buy online. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or an established business, choosing Google shopping ads is going to drive more sales without a doubt.


Reach Potential Customers With Shopping Ads


Google shows different types of listings and ads for products when people search for things online. Some are Text Ads, and some are displayed in the Shopping section of the results page.

With Google Shopping Ads, you can precicely target buyers. BlueSoap is the most trusted and leading Google Shopping Ads Agency in Sydney and Gold Coast with a proven track record of growing businesses through strategy-based Google shopping ads management.

Google shopping ads are totally different from normal Google text ads. These ads are created by fetching information from product data gathered from your website by a data feed that happens at regular intervals.  The data is stored in the Google Merchant Center and it's this data such as the product’s title, image, description and price that Google shows in the search results page.

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Interestingly, you don’t have to specify the targeted keywords or promote them in a similar way to SEO, or traditional Ads when uploading the data thanks to Google AI and Machine Learning. When a visitor searches anything on Google, the shopping ads related to that search terms appear on the top showing an image, title and price of that product. You will then pay for a click when a user clicks on your ad and brings them to your website, and if the product and price is right, hopefully it will result in a sale. However, it needs to be said that if that user bounces back without making the purchase, you still pay for the click that brought them to your site. 


Your Products Can Dominate Google Search


Google Merchant Center is a robust tool that lets you manage how your ecommerce store or collection of products appears on Google when you advertise them. You can reach thousands of people each day searching for products like yours using the merchant center. We will set up your data feed in order to upload all the attributes of your products to the Google Merchant Center product feed. Moreover, you can select the location to target, add negative keywords and the bid amount that you are prepared to pay per click. your daily budget is set, and this will not be exceeded.

To promote your products using Shopping Ads, your Google Shopping agency will connect your Merchant Account with your Google Ads account. The Google Ads account acts as a gateway to access the product data you submit in the Merchant Center account. This provides us with the necessary insight and reports to help us to improve the ad performance and streamline your spend to improve ROI.


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Our Shopping Ads Management Process


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Quick Walkthrough Analysis

Before starting anything, we firstly analyze and research the potential of your business in Google Shopping to discover what will work best for you. It is always the best approach to brainstorm your business before even deciding to advertise your business. As an experienced Google Shopping Ads Agency, we know the ways to find out distinct practices for you to stand out from the many other advertisers.

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Strategy-Based Campaign Planning

We structure the campaign following your requirements and implementing the best strategies to provide maximum exposure to your brand. You might spend an awful lot of money with very little return if the campaign isn’t structured properly. We value your time and money and gettign off to a perfect start is our priority.

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Optimise Product Feed

Optimizing your product feed is an important part of running a successful shopping campaign. Your product should be appearing correctly for relevant Google search terms and the data feeds needs to be reliable. Our shopping ads management services include proper optimization of the product feed to ensure maximum customer searches trigger your shopping ad.


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Negative Keywords Targeting

Targeting the negative keywords is a proven tactic to lower your ad spend and increase the ROI. We make sure that your shopping ad doesn’t show up in irrelevant or vague search terms. For that purpose, we target negative keywords so that you won’t be wasting your money by bringing irrelevant traffic to your website.

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Manage & Setup Merchant Center

This is a huge responsibility that we take very seriously.  We are only a call away for support from the outset and will certainly guide you to make the best decisions.  With BlueSoap managing and setting up your merchant center account, we will streamline the adstrategy and reach your goals quickly and effectively.

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Ongoing Monitoring

We work closely with our clients, and we keep your account under very close supervision.  You'll receive comprehensive reports so we can monitor and discuss progress, insights breakdown, performance evaluation and overall success. We are only a phone call away if you have any queries or concerns.




Benefits of Using Google Shopping Ads


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Good Quality Leads

Unlike normal text Google ads, you can improve the quality of your ad by providing enticing information and better presentation of your products. This will increased the chances of makinf a sale as buyers clicking the ad will have a clear vision and full information of what they are heading over to see on your website.

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Broaden Reach

You can reach a large number of people if your product data is uploaded the right way. More than one of your Shopping ads can appear for a given user search and, if relevant, a Shopping ad and a text ad can also appear at the same time on the results page. This means your reach buyers in a single search with double the exposure.

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Boost Conversion Rate

With Google Merchant services, your shopping ads appear only in the related search results, you can hook the customers by offering discounts and free perks. Users will buy more readily as they see the product they have searched is being offered at a discountprice compared to your competitors. This increases the conversion rate.


Google shopping ads management services

ROI Focused Investment

You can easily get back what you’ve spent on shopping ads as they perform on the metrics of CPC (cost per click), CTR (click-through rate). This can only be achieved with effective strategy of running shopping ads. BlueSoap is a top Google Shopping ads specialist that has all the necessary expertise in advertising your products with ROI focused techniques.

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Easy Set up & Management

The major benefit of using a Google Shopping Agency is that we will do all the work and setup, to get your ads running well from the outset,  We will create the product feed in the Google Merchant Center. Shopping ads automatically filters the product data and we will define in the Merchant Center data feed to show your ads in relevant searches.





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