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What You Should Know About Google Ads

Whether you are an international or local brand, with a large or small marketing budget, there is a way you can make your Google Ads campaign a successful one. Ever wondered whether you could be getting better value for money, or performance from your current Google ads campaign? An experienced Google Ads Company could assist with a better ROI and a more efficient strategy.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads (formally known as Google AdWords) is the advertising platform owned and run by Google. It allows advertisers to place their websites in the search results page, appearing as a sponsored ad. You might ask; isn’t waiting for your site to work its way up the search results organically? The answer is, yes and no. Many companies utilise both channels.

Organic SEO is a long-term investment that does result in bringing a lot of traffic to your website. But, by making use of paid search, you can start appearing immediately. It is not as expensive as you may think. However, it is necessary to take care with the setup and smooth running of your ads. You could end up spending a lot, and receiving little or no sales or enquiries.

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Understanding Google Paid Search

When it comes to Google Ads, the term “paid search” denotes the adverts that are placed on the search result page along with the organic search results. These ads are not free but are paid. Often times, they resemble organic results, except for the little yellow ‘Ad’ label that Google places on them. Although we are discussing Google Ads here, you can also advertice on Bing and Yahoo.

Some Guiding Principles of Google Ads

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A good and reliable Google Ads Management Agency should be able to fill you in regarding some of the principles that underline the best practice use of Google Ads. First, there are keywords that search engines used on Google. We will discuss these keywords with you and create an advert based upon our discussions.

To make your Ad to appear, you will be bidding against other customers/marketers for the amount you are prepared to pay for such Ads to appear when a searcher clicks on the ads. The more you pay for every click (pay-per-click-- PPC) the better the chance that your Ads will appear in the most prominent position of the search result page. 

Your Google Ads Company should also explain to you that Google does not solely focus on the highest bidder. They also make use of something called “quality score.” The quality score means how useful and relevant is your Ad to the searcher and also what search terms were used by the searcher. 

What You Should Expect from a Professional Google Ads Company

Your business’ overall success with Google ads will depend largely on the proficiency of the Google Ads Management Agency that you choose to manage your Ads strategy for you. A company like BlueSoap is always ready to provide the best ads management services for you, including;

  • Create and increase different aspects of conversions to optimize PPC level
  • Improve your ads relevance, ad content and landing page to improve your quality score
  • Works through all areas of policy violations to ensure a smooth and result-oriented strategy
  • Develop an extensive bidding strategy and powerful keyword research, and 
  • Utilise down-to-earth campaign segmentation to obtain the best from Google Ads. 


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