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The Best Ecommerce Hosting Plans From A Smart Ecommerce Website Design Team

Whether you are just starting out in business, or moving an established company online, the process of creating
an effective ecommerce web hosting solution can be complex.

Many business owners simply dont know how to start an online store. 


One of the more crucial choices you’ll face when learning how to start an online store is whether to have your ecommerce website based around a standard ecommerce software template or have your ecommerce website custom-built.

There is no real answer to this question as it very much depends on individual circumstances, but looking at the pros and cons for each can help you with making the best choice for your business.

How to Start an Online Store

There are so many options and important decisions that you need to make when choosing ecommerce web hosting. 

And it doesn’t stop there!

Which domain name is the best?

Is Australian web hosting necessary?

Where do I start with online marketing?

Which website design agency ?

Template based online store websites have a significant cost advantage usually, and it is worth considering this before anything else. With a limited budget you can get much more for your money by using a template online store website, and this can be a major deciding factor for many people. As with most things in life there are downs to go with the ups, and with choosing how to start an online store, there is no difference. The main issue with template-based online store websites is their similarity. Ecommerce software varies between providers but on the whole your site will not be unique, and will look and function like many others.  For some, especially when starting out, this is not a problem.  But in a crowded market the ability to differentiate yourself from the rest can be invaluable.  With a template-based site this is extremely difficult at best.

The other aspect of a template ecommerce web hosting site to consider is that it is an actual template, based around average needs of an average business, and your needs and vision for your site will have to be tempered to the ability of the given package. However, for some people the constraints make design much easier, and the sites are invariably quicker to build, and easy to manage.


Should I take the Plunge and Build a Custom Online Store?

No doubt, a custom ecommerce website takes longer to build. However, in all other respects a custom online store site is far superior. Creating a custom online store means you will have a tailored site that meets the exact requirements of your business and the type of ecommerce activity that you are doing.  Your branding can be better integrated into the entire design and your website vision will matched precisely. Also, working closely with an ecommerce website design company puts their experience at your fingertips as you are likely to be dealing with people rather than managing your entire site through the content management system.

A customised website is also better placed to integrate into your existing backend systems, an important factor for larger companies where stock integration can be essential. When learning how to start an online store it is also worth thinking about the future. Even if this is your first website, a custom ecommerce website can take into account where you hope to be and allow provision for expansion of your business whether that be volume of product lines or additional elements.

Whichever Direction You Choose, You are in Safe Hands!

There is no doubt that when you are learning how to start an online store, there is a large learning curve. Speak with professionals as ecommerce web hosting presents many choices and many challenges. Depending on what kind of ecommerce website you wish to have, we have shown there that there are valid reasons for and against both.  Ultimately it is likely to be a budgetary decision as the largest differentiator between the two is cost. 

However whatever your choice BlueSoap Ecommerce Website Designers promise to provide the most comprehensive informatiuon when you want to know how to start an online store. We'll provude the same focus on customer service and high quality website design for all our clients.

If you are still unsure on how to start an online store, feel free to get in touch or give us a call on 1300 788 567. We are always happy to discuss what we love doing. Building quality online store websites that we are proud of.

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Don't waste money on creating an online store that doesn't perform.

One of the first things that you need to think about when you decide to create an online store is exactly how
you will design, develop and launch it, according to your budget.
We have the best Ecommerce Hosting Plans available!

With cheaper ecommerce web hosting options available such as creating an ecommerce website yourself using template software and ecommerce hosting, there are some shortfalls to choosing a template-based ecommerce software that may leave you frustrated.

Custom ecommerce website design may be a more attractive option when you consider the cost saving versus the benefits you'll receive. Custom ecommerce websites offer flexibility and originality to create an online store that is designed specifically for your needs. 

Here at BlueSoap we understand just how critical your ecommerce website is likely to become to your daily operations. After all, ecommerce website design is our speciality.


Ecommerce Hosting Plans


We recognise that ecommerce web development is an incredible journey, and one that needs to be done correctly from the outset. From your initial ideas, through to the completed operational design, our aim is to create an online store that will not only meet your expectations but will help you achieve your success goals from this ecommerce website design venture.

Not only can we provide you with an outstanding ecommerce website design solution, our e-commerce marketing team can also provide effective ecommerce seo services. We'll ensure that your site is successful online, attracting the right customers that are ready to part with their cash.

Our experienced ecommerce developers and designers understand current trends and what works well, and just as importantly what does not.  We are able to offer advice and guidance as your ideas become reality. Over 10 years’ experience in web design and a highly qualified web design team will provide you with the best ecommerce website possible.  We offer service that is second to none and aim to provide a timely and economical solution that will become a critical tool for your business.

Check out our ecommerce website portfolio showing an array of busy, popular online stores.

Best ecommerce hosting plans

Whether you are a new start-up selling a few products or an established business with the large inventory and branding requirements, our service will exceed your expectations and provide you with the ecommerce website design to match and exceed your vision.

You can trust us to get your products out there to the vast online market. We are very aware that your success is our success, and we’ll never forget that what we create is your shopfront online.

Ecommerce websites need to be slick and responsive to the vast array of devices that people now access them on. Your visitors need to find what they want and feel secure when making purchases. With your ideas and our ecommerce website designers' experience, we can create an online store that will serve your needs now and into the future, providing a gateway to your business for customers from around Australia and all over the world.

For most businesses today, starting an online store is not an option, it is an essential component of the operation. Don’t entrust that level of importance to chance. Have your ecommerce website tailored precisely to your needs by our ecommerce website design team, and let your online presence shine.

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HomeMove Removalists

Having started a new business during the financial crisis, I needed a sure-fire, cost effective way of attracting more customers and quickly! Other forms of advertising such as print were costing a lot of money for little result. Local furniture removals is an extremely competitive industry online, and I noticed that the most successful and fastest growing businesses all had a very strong search engine presence.

The Knudsen Clinic

Since the BlueSoap team took over my Search Engine Optimisation the ranking improvement for my website has been dramatic. I have experience with other SEO companies and BlueSoap has been extremely cost-effective and successful. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a quality, affordable solution to the essential web marketing required in the modern business environment. 

Dr Knudsen
AllPlasta Products

From the moment we appointed BlueSoap as our SEO and Google Ads provider, we have never looked back. Their professionalism, expertise and ability have far surpassed our expectations. Since SEO and Google Ads have gathered traction the daily enquiries from our ecommerce site have tripled. Dollar for dollar, this has to be the best money we have ever spent on digital marketing! Would we recommend BlueSoap? Definitely!

Karen Willis Holmes

Our website has become an integral part of my business and a continual source of new enquiries. I knew that search engine optimisation was important for in order to attract potential customers to the site in the most cost effective way. BlueSoap was able to not only implement an extremely effective SEO strategy but also monitor, evaluate and build on this plan, which has enabled my website to remain current and relevant.

Silhouette Europe

BlueSoap's online marketing has been the best solution to getting our products found in online search. Not only have their team guided us in an extremely professional manner, they have also given us inspiration to use marketing channels that we never dreamed would be useful. And look at the results! Traffic is up three-fold. Sales are up. We are 100% happy with a job very well done. Thank you!


We knew that to increase revenue we needed to increase visitor numbers to our beautiful new site. After thoroughly researching our online marketing options, we realised the need for a search engine optimisation company with experience and proven results. BlueSoap is an SEO company like no other! The team at BlueSoap understood our requirements and have been extremely helpful and understanding all the way!