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Ads on Facebook is a digital marketing channel where you can promote your business and services on the internet. Facebook is one of the world’s largest social media platforms, and doubles as a huge marketplace for all forms of corporate, small and large businesses.

Here at BlueSoap, we are experienced in running the Ads services offered by Facebook.  They are one of the most affordable and under-utilised sources of online marketing allowing direct exposure to a wide range of prospects on the web right now. With the right Facebook Ads Agency, running a strategic campaign, you could get the best out of such a great marketing opportunity.

Facebook ads have become more complex. If your strategy fails to match the right ads with the right audience, you could end up wasting a lot of money for very little return.

Instead of spending months learning the FaceBook Ads process, and which ads work, employ the services of a trusted Facebook Ads Agency like BlueSoap.  We will kickstart your ad campaign on the right track.

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What does Facebook Ads Management Service Offer Me?

Good question! With Facebook Ads you can:

  • Ability to target and attract your perfect clients under specific demographics
  • Ability to target and attract your competitor's customers base/fans
  • Target and get the best from your local market
  • Advertise and project your business to people who paid your site a visit
  • Reach or connect with more of your fans on a pay-per-click engagement
  • See how much it cost you to e-mail a subscriber or in getting a new customer just by using conversion pixels
  • Create and develop your e-mail list for prompt and precise interaction

BlueSoap Ad Creation and Spit Testing Services

BlueSoap Facebook ads management services include;

  • Ads design for your Products or Services
  • Creation of pixel conversion, if applicable
  • Created audiences for retargeting
  • Basic and premium images
  • Ads uploaded stored in personal ads manager
  • Split testing phase monitoring, if applicable
  • Precise and thorough assessment on which ads performed best.


Our services also include daily and consistent monitoring of ads, a takedown of underperforming ads, next-steps suggestions, and more. Looking for more info?

Get in touch with BlueSoap for your Facebook Ads Management services today.



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