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Who Needs Website SSL Security? You!

Posted on 08 Mar, 2018
Who Needs Website SSL Security? You!

Whether you’re thinking of start an online store, to visiting a Web Design Company like BlueSoap for a new website, or in fact anything to do with using the internet; the FACT is that EVERY website nowadays needs an SSL security certificate.

The internet has revolutionized how we do business—from buying to selling—it has become the new E-world involving trillions of dollars annually. Thus, it has become critical to ensure the financial and private interest of participants is protected in this incredible online world of e-commerce.

The reality of SSL among websites

Have you ever considered why some websites addresses start with “http://” while others begin with “https://”? Now, you can stop wondering because, that single letter “s” means “secure,” an indication that the site you’re browsing is using an encrypted connection with high protection. The use of secure connection has skyrocketed among websites because it is designed to protect user’s sensitive data.

So what exactly is SSL security?

The term SSL represent “Secure Sockets Layer”—which is a reliable technology that deals with encryption used in creating a secure connection between your visitor’s web browser and your website’s server. This process enables sensitive information to be protected as transmission takes place between the two parties.

A website that doesn’t have an SSL encryption can have its transmission intercepted from the server to the browser.

How does SSL work?

Your SSL certificate’s working process starts when a server or website tries to connect to a web server (website) that has SSL security. This will prompt the server/browser to request the identity of the web server itself.

Then the web servers send over to the browser/server a correct copy of its SSL Certificate. On receiving the copy, the browser will carry out a check to verify whether or not it trusts the SSL Certificate. Assuming it recognises it, a message is sent back to the web server.

Consequently, the web server will then send back an acknowledgment that is digitally signed that will start an SSL session.

Finally, information that is fully encrypted is shared between the browser and the web server.

The importance of having SSL

Whether you a small business or large organisation looking for a good e-commerce web designer, BlueSoap will help you design a high-quality website that has the full backing of SSL encryption. SSL for your website should not be negotiable. For the following reasons, you should have an SSL on your website today.


Website Security
It protects sensitive data

If you are operating a site that deals with buying and selling, you need SSL protection. It will protect all sensitive information such as account details, credit cards or payment information and other relevant data. Moreover, SSL encryption isn’t just for people who do business on the internet. It is also for blogs and websites with sensitive data.


Ecommerce Site Security
Builds visitors trust on your website

One of the keys to becoming successful online is to have people trust your content or service. Once people visit your site with an intention to buy something or pay through an invoice, the first thing they look out for is SSL. Once they see that green padlock, they are reassured that their financial and private information is safe. For that reason, more and more visitors will start coming to your site.


SEO for Website
It helps in SEO Ranking

It was in 2014 that Google stated it would start using SSL as a ranking signal. The reason is to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. So anyone thinking of getting an online store with online transactions needs to consider adding SSL.

So, as a result, website owners that want better rankings in Google organic search also need to add SSL. It is a Google ranking factor - site with HTTPS now rank higher than their HTTP counterparts.


SEO Company Sydney
BlueSoap to the rescue

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