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Should my Online Store be Responsive?

Build a Responsive Ecommerce Website

Posted on 09 Sep, 2014
Should my Online Store be Responsive?

The Internet has opened up a wealth of possibilities for people looking to start a new business or expand an existing one, the ability to sell products and services globally with a very small monthly cost is revolutionary and has enabled countless people to start their own businesses and find worldwide success.

The attractions are very obvious in terms of improved lifestyle and possible financial rewards, with the ability to start your own business and be control of your own future being. It is no surprise that many have jumped at the chance. Taking the plunge to create an online store however, needs a little forethought, and whilst ecommerce software makes the job much easier, being able to create an online store is only one of the steps to be taken. The Internet is often called a level playing field, in that a website does not necessarily indicate the amount of money or people behind it, rather the amount of effort taken to design it well, so time taken here to create a professional looking, well-structured online store can allow you to compete with anyone. There are certain issues that have come along with the rise in use of mobile devices to access the Internet, and this is the one we will look at now.

Today you will often hear people talking about responsive websites, especially in relation to ecommerce, and many people especially those new to the concept of an online store for websites may even wonder what a responsive website actually is. The term refers to websites that can adapt automatically to the device it is being viewed on, so whether it is viewed on a small mobile phone screen or a large desktop screen, or indeed anywhere in between, it remains as clear and usable regardless of the resolution and dimensions is being viewed at. This does require certain considerations during the design process, although using the right ecommerce web design software can help achieve this automatically, and although even five years ago the idea of a responsive website would be nothing but a footnote to a design idea, today it really is essential.

Using ecommerce software to create an online store that is responsive is inadvisable in today’s market. A larger and larger percentage of visitors to all sites, including ecommerce sites, are from mobile devices of one kind or another. Whether it is mobile phones or tablets, the smaller screened devices are becoming the prominent way for people to access the Internet.  As such, not catering to them directly is simply giving away sales. If someone browsing on a tablet arrives at your site and the site is displayed awkwardly and difficult to read due to it not being responsive, then chances are that your visitor will simply go to another site. However, ensuring that the site adapts well to your visitors device will mean they stay, browse and perhaps purchase from you.

Flexe online store software for ecommerce sites enables you to build a fully responsive online store website with ease, even if you have little experience.  Ensure that whoever visits your online store sees it just as you intended.

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