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Should I Build a Template or Custom Ecommerce Site?

Create An Online Store using a Template?

Posted on 08 Aug, 2014
Should I Build a Template or Custom Ecommerce Site?

The Internet has seen the world get smaller, and opportunities for everyone to get much, much bigger. Where once you needed a large investment to set up a small retail business, now you can get a website fully enabled for ecommerce for a small monthly fee. Using online store software, also known as ecommerce software, anyone can have a site up and running in a small amount of time with their products available to the whole world. This kind of service for entrepreneurs was unheard of even 20 years ago, and the options now give anyone a chance to be successful when they create an online shop.

Before launching into the Internet, the first step is to create an online store, using ecommerce web design software that guides you through the process. Here you will find your first real choice, whether to use one of the basic templates included in the ecommerce software, or create an online store that is a little more unique by taking the custom route.

There are benefits to either choice, using a template makes the process of building an online store for websites much simpler, however the custom route allows you to create something with more of a unique look, which may help your branding. Obviously this is a decision you need to make before creating your online shop, the last thing you want to do once it is active is to be rebuilding it completely soon after, as any downtime is lost revenue.

For anyone completely new to ecommerce web design software and it is their first attempt to create an online store there is a lot to be said for the template. It guides you through the process and gives you a clear indication of what you need to put where to make an effective shop. Most online shop software is usually very good, however this aspect is lacking when creating your custom online store and can leave those not used to web design little lost unless you have really good, personalised support. In this respect creating a store through a template is a very good choice, allowing you to have a fully functional online presence very quickly and without the need to really understand the principles of web design that garner the best public response.

The downside of the template is that your site can look much like others, and for those looking for something unique the custom online store is most definitely the answer. Ecommerce web design software can help you a lot in the creation of your custom site, however the ultimately design is down to you and you will need to have some idea on what you want before you begin the process. Although harder work and can be somewhat time consuming, for those with the experience to take on the design job, online store software can allow you to create a unique online shop for your business.

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