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Mobile Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design Improves User Experience!

Posted on 04 Sep, 2018
Mobile Responsive Website Design

Quality website design caters for website visitors using desktop and mobile devices to view your website and displays your website pages with simple navigation and a clear page format for all devices. With mobile responsive website design, the website code responds by 'serving' the pages according to the users’ screen size. With a responsive website design, we'll ensure that your website visitors won't be squinting or scroll a lot in order to read your website content. Your website pages are dynamically displayed correctly according to the browser and desktop or mobile device that they are using.

Gone are the days where your site visitors using mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones have to zoom in and scroll around a lot to find what they are looking for. Usually, they will give up and move on.

Phone screens are so much smaller than desktop computer screens, and hence with a responsive design the website page content displayed is rearranged to ensure the user experience is a good one. When a visitor opens your site, your nifty responsive website will check their browser and device they are using. The mobile responsive design website code will automatically display the website pages accordingly. If they are using large screen such as a desktop computer, the website pages will display wider. If they are on a mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone, then the mobile responsive website pages will display smaller to fit their screen resolution.

Create OR convert to Mobile Responsive Website Design

You don not need to build a new website! However all new custom websites designed and built by our keen web developers at BlueSoap have responsive website design as standard. We believe that we should be creating a website that caters to ALL of your visitors. Our awesome graphic designers will create a completely separate website theme file consistent with the main website design for mobile devices and the developers will construct your new responsive design website with various formats to suit all mobile devices.

It's time to Convert to Responsive Website Design

Already have a site that does not have a mobile responsive design? Not a problem. Leave it with us. Our responsive website designers can convert to responsive website design. Your non-responsive website can convert to responsive. Mobile device website visitors arriving at your responsive site will love you for it! Guaranteed!

Contact the team today on 1300 788 567 to discuss your requirements.

Better SEO Ranking with a Responsive Website Design

Not only does this create a far better end user experience, but also will definitely help with your website SEO or Search Engine Optimisation efforts. Search Engines will notice that you are actively trying to improve your visitor's experience, and this will help your site to score better in the rankings than those who don't. Search Engines know that the more serious websites keep on top of the latest design technologies and are embracing mobile devices as an increasing portion of their website visitors.

If you are ready to improve your website performance, end-user experience and achieve online success, contact the BlueSoap team today on 1300 788 567.

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