PPC advertising, otherwise known as Pay-per-Click, is the paid advertising platform that appears on the search result page of search engines such as Google. Usually they are titled Sponsored Links. A good Adwords PPC campaign is all about developing and maintaining a reliable, measurable stream of high quality leads for your business. Your ads are targeted at the right audience and as a result, you only pay for ads when someone actually clicks it and arrives at your website. Our very popular AdWords / PPC management services will drive high-quality, consistent traffic to your website. 


Real people manage all our PPC campaigns, not machines or automated processes. Our portfolio of Adwords PPC clients is growing quickly as clients realise that a small management cost can streamline their account into better performance.  Unlike most Adwords management agencies, we don’t charge a percentage on your Google Budget spend.

Adwords PPC Management

We want our clients to achieve excellent results via PPC and as such we'll be honest about what work is necessary to maximise your potential and optimise your PPC campaigns to avoid wasted advertising spend.

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New to PPC?

If you are new to AdWords and would like to see what all the hype is, let us create your campaigns for a small setup fee and develop a strategy. The great thing about Adwords is that you can turn it on and off whenever you want. Also, you can control your daily spend. After the PPC campaign has been setup, you are free to manage it yourself, or you can select our Adwords Management plan for a fixed monthly fee.

PPC Management Plans

You will be assigned a real person who will be your point of contact for your PPC account. Each account receives a very comprehensive monthly report that is easy to read and understand. Watch trends and compare historical data. We will ensure that your ads are performing at their optimum and that new techniques are being applied regularly.

Already running a PPC campaign?

We can take on existing PPC accounts and optimise them for better performance. Watch the improvements and savings in the monthly reports.

Contact the team today on 1300 788 567 to discuss your requirements.

Harness the power of PPC – BlueSoap have years of experience in helping small business and medium business with a bespoke and personalised approach that will maximise your ROI.

Starting out with PPC, or just feel your existing campaigns need optimisation, we're here to help you get it right, save money and get more leads.  Get in touch today and talk to a friendly member of our PPC Ads Team.

With their expertise and our dedication, within only one year of our site going LIVE it has become one of Australia's most serious players in the online sale of artificial flowers, plants, trees, ribbons and bridal bouquets. We receive praise about our site almost on a daily basis and we are very happy to say that our online sales continue month on month to become a higher percentage of our total revenue. We are receiving a large amount of relevant traffic to our site. Great work BlueSoap!!